Wonders and Deceptions is the blog site of Brad Varey.

Brad Varey and Jerry Cruncher

Brad Varey and Jerry Cruncher

I am a Canadian, living in the French Alps, not far from the Swiss and Italian borders.

My science interests are wide-ranging, but include evolution, neurology, information theory, risk analysis, anti-fragility, psychology, emergent behaviour, astronomy, cosmology and self-referential systems.

My philosophical interests include existentialism free will, consciousness, the nature of time, constructor theory and ethics.

Supervening all of the above is a particular interest in the development of Artificial General Intelligence.

A non-inclusive list of my favourite authors includes Philip Ball, Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Daniel Kahneman, David Deutsch, Caesar Hidalgo, Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Hofstadter, Søren Kierkegaard, Chiara Marletto, Friedrich Nietzsche, Steven Pinker, Nate Silver, Lee Smolin, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Robert Trivers

Activities include long-distance trail running, skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, road and mountain biking, hiking, photography, classical music, and trying to get back to rock climbing.

My favourite dog is Jerry Cruncher. That’s him in the picture.

The sculpture at the top of each page is by my friend Véronique Leclercq. I took the photo.